Are you backing up your largest asset?

Are you backing up your largest asset?. have you ever accidentally lost a critical file on your laptop? 

Are you backing up your largest asset?

Perhaps your laptop crashed (again) or your cat sauntered over a dooming series of keys. remember that little pang to your stomach you felt when you found out that document turned into long past for precise? 

Are you backing up your largest asset?

Adequate, now imagine dropping your complete e-zine subscriber listing. did that pang just get a chunk extra severe? (ouch!)

Several internet advertising authorities have been recently requested the query, "if your office was burning down and you could save one factor, what would it be?"

The unanimous solution among all of them become, "my list"!

Your listing is your goldmine. it is your pool of warm possibilities and customers with whom you have taken months to build a level of credibility and accept as true with. they may be your price tag to a consistent flow of profits.

It may take years to construct a massive series of opt-in subscribers. however they can disappear in a flash if they're not covered.

So, are you backing up your listing on a regular basis? (be sincere!) if not, permit's get you began today.

If your list resides for your pc...

In case you send out your e-zine or electronic mail promotions out of your own laptop, you must make backing-up your listing a day by day addiction. and by means of "backing-up," i suggest saving your list to a disk or vicinity apart from your difficult force. as an example, you may keep your listing to:

  • A zip disk (you will want a zipper pressure)
  • A cd (you'll need a cd burner)
  • A floppy disk (these don't hold much records although)
  • An outside hard force (these are much less high-priced now than they used to be)
  • An at ease, internet-based totally report garage service.

I currently use alternative 5 for my pc documents. the service i use is referred to as i-backup, and there are many others out there, starting at as low as $3 according to month. i pick this option due to the fact i've such a lot of large files on my laptop that i might must back up my files to numerous separate disks or cds. and because this approach is so smooth, i am much more likely to follow thru and lower back-up my files on a regular basis!

I also like i-backup for touring, as i will upload documents that i'll need to get right of entry to on the road. this way i don't should deliver a disk with me.

In case you use a kind of listing control software program that resides on your computer or your very own net server, such as broadc@st or mailloop, it could in all likelihood time table computerized backups for you. see the program's assist files or touch their support middle for help.

In case you use a web listing provider...

Even in case you host your listing online with a listserve (together with topica) or an autoresponder provider (consisting of aweber) that should make their very own cozy backups, you need to still make your very own backup copy on a normal foundation! just down load or "export" a replica of your listing each week for safekeeping. it must be pretty easy to do. this system varies relying on what program you use, so see its assist documents or touch their aid middle for help.

Take into account purchasing a battery backup device

Southern california is thought for its frequent electricity outages, and they were wreaking havoc on my laptop. so i bought a battery backup unit. (i chose apc's 650 version.) it's about the dimensions of a breadbox and maintains my laptop going for any other hour or so in the occasion of a power outage. this offers me ample time to back up any documents i'm operating on and close down my pc well. it also functions as a surge-protector to keep my pc safe from electric powered surges. you can purchase devices like these at any big office deliver shop, and they range in rate from $one hundred to $500.

Don't position it off to any extent further!

I realize that backing-up your documents looks as if some other annoying addition in your busy agenda. however remember that you've labored hard to build your list ... and your enterprise. so take just a few minutes each week to shield that funding.

Tip: Pick out a sure day each week to back up your list. as an instance, my digital calendar automatically reminds me to do this every friday.

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