4 Quick And Easy Steps To Getting Your Website to the Back Door of Google

4 Quick And Easy Steps To Getting Your Website to the Back Door of GoogleGoogle... one of the internet maximum effective search engines recently introduced a brand new unfastened provider that makes it less difficult for you to enhance your web sites coverage within the googles index thru its new collaborative crawling system.

4 Quick And Easy Steps To Getting Your Website to the Back Door of Google
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On the downside though, Google does not 'assure' immediately inclusion, but, remains properly information for the ones of you who've just completed building an internet site and are equipped to post to the pinnacle SERPs.

So, what's this new carrier known as that google simply launched?

It is known as "google sitemaps".

The actual cool element approximately "google sitemaps" is it accepts RSS(actual simple syndication) and atom feeds with the .xml extension as one of the common codecs for filing your web sites sitemap for inclusion in googles index.

That is just one of the 4 codecs google accepts and is the one that I am going to apply for the relaxation of this text to expose you the way to generate the very own .xml sitemap of your website for inclusion in Google.

It's actually clean to accomplish that don't worry about it being too complicated.

4 Quick And Easy Steps To Getting Your Website to the Back Door of Google

So, with that said, we could go to step #1.

Step #1. Sign up for "google sitemaps".

This step is easy, genuinely observe the link provide underneath and join up for an unfastened account. it has to handiest take you a few minutes to do, then once your accomplished, come returned here and go to step #2.

visit: http://www.google.com/site owners/sitemaps/login

Step #2. Generate your .xml sitemap.

In this step, you're going to generate a .xml sitemap to your internet site with the use of a free online sitemap generator.

This loose online generator will build you a sitemap up to 500 pages. when you have a larger internet site with thousands of web pages you'll need to use a paid provider and/or software to generate yours.

visit: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com

Input your required statistics on the shape furnished.

Step #3. Upload your generated .xml sitemap to your server.

Once your generated sitemap is completed(your generated .xml report must be referred to as web site.xml.gz) it is now time to add it to your server by the use of your FTP(document switch protocol) application.

This is very critical which you do this earlier than filing it to google sitemaps for inclusion.

Step #4. Submit your new .xml sitemap to "google sitemaps".

Now which you have generated your "sitemap" on your website and uploaded it to your server all you have to do now could be to visit "google sitemaps" and submit your sitemap URL.

(ex. http://www.yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml.gz)

This is it.

Now, depending on google, your sitemap ought to get downloaded inside the next 24 hours, so be sure to check and see that it did and that there wasn't any issues or errors.

Also, you're going to want a view to song your indexed webpages inside the search engines, in particular Google, so you can see how matters are going, so I'll leave you with one final aid so that it will do that for you.

go to: http://www.uptimebot.com

All you need to do is input your URL and click "pass".

The consequences web page will be listing the effects from google and nine other famous SERPs.

Nicely, there you've got it... "four brief and clean steps to getting your website in through googles 'back door'".

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