The Basic Web Layout Used by a Web Development Company

The Proper Use of Space


A web development company uses a web layout section relatively. Meaning, they are configured to expand and contract depending on the size of the window of the browser. Colour is usually used to define spaces. A common technique used in this regard is the centring of a page on a particular screen of the browser and then using a different color for the background page.

The Basic Web Layout Used by a Web Development Company
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 The Resolution

The screen resolution is also of paramount importance while designing the layout of a web page. A web development company usually configures a web layout in a way such that it is perfectly seen in all the common resolutions. This is important as no user stays on a website when all they can see is the logo of the company and nothing else.

The Basic Web Layout Used by a Web Development Company

Graphics and Images


The proper alignment of images is also necessary when it comes to the perfect web layout. A web development company makes sure that images aren’t placed haphazardly all across the web page. A proper balance must be achieved between the images and the text. Images or Graphics form a very important part of website design, and they contribute to the efficacy of a website.


The Width of the Text


Another important aspect is looked at by a web development company when it comes to a web layout. The text width refers to the number of words that would be displayed in one line. The sentence length must be such that it is easy to read. A text that has readable width is an important component of an effective website.


Wild Net Technologies give due importance to all facets of website designing including the web layout. We incorporate all procedures and techniques to make the website more readable and easy for the eyes.

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