Social Media Impact On Modern World

Social Media Impact On Modern World. More and more companies see opportunities in social media, the fact is that they will be seen as very important social media platforms and pipelines, and then continue to promote their products and services on social media. 

Of course, nothing wrong with this approach, social media marketing is indeed a great help, but you can not just see him as a sales platform.

Social Media Impact On Modern World
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CEO Matt Goddard r2 integrated the once said:

“We’ve been preaching pretty much the same thing for four or five years, that social is not a channel – it’s more of a behavior.” (We have been inculcated with an idea in the past 4, 5 years: Social of more than a pipeline, it is more of a behavior)

Social Media Impact On Modern World

Social media visibility for the significance of the enterprise is not just a marketing platform for products and services only, its greater value lies in how it has changed the buying behavior of consumers. The following are five you can not ignore the data as corroboration:

91% of people away because of physical stores online experience


This is very intuitive and reasonable. Put yourself as a consumer point of view, how would you do? You’re likely to spend some time to find the first survey are interested in products/services, look bad evaluation, the price level of warranty service … and so on. So you must ensure that your website and social media have adequate and frequently updated information, allowing existing and potential customers to find and read, if not related to the content they are looking for, then you’re probably missing out on a favorable time for purchasing decisions.

89% of consumers use search engines to investigate


Want to check something, our first thought is probably to Google it. In order to allow consumers to see the first few pages of their own relevant content, you must do SEO. And in today’s social media’s credibility has been increasingly using search engines' attention and become one of the important ranking factors. So whether you use social media platforms Facebook Fan Page, Google+, Youtube, Twitter … or even a blog, to be regularly updated information, social media played in the search rankings influence.

62% of consumers in the online survey, the final decision to complete the purchase in the physical store

Search Engines, Websites, Social Media, consumers have access to any place, you must make the appropriate content, dynamic lines arranged to meet their needs for information throughout the purchase decision process, impress them to make a favorable purchasing decision.

72% of consumers trust product reviews on the Internet, with friends and relatives recommending similarly


Strangers’ Trust in the net reputation is already very common behavior. In other words, to develop strategies encourage your users to leave comments on the product and comments on social media.

78% of consumers believe that companies in the social media postings will affect their purchasing decisions


Make this data more exciting is another data: 81% of consumers believe that friends on social media postings will affect their buying behavior. Two sets of figures that are very close to the content provided on behalf of the brand are almost as important as a friend!

Today’s consumer's trust in traditional advertising has gradually declined. In fact, according to Hubspot statistics, over 75% of consumers do not think traditional advertising is fact-oriented. Consumers before making a purchase decision will find relevant information on the web. So your output content must be valuable and highly relevant. Furthermore, we need to maintain the regularity of output, because when consumers knocking bell, and only once, you have to be ready to meet him the best content, win a good first impression, and then continue the use; convert consumers finalize the final purchase decision at that moment. 

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