"4 Valuable Google Analytics Advance Segments"

To use Google Analytics is fairly common these days, but if you are not using Google Analytics Advance Segments you are definitely missing out on a valuable analysis tool that will help you understand the study-specific type of traffic visiting your website.

4 Valuable Google Analytics Advance Segments

Google Analytics gives you consolidated data of your website visitors. We know that the website visitors have something in common with each other yet they are different in so many ways. Like a visitor may be accessing your website through a smartphone whereas another visitor may be using a desktop computer. This is where Google Analytics Advance Segments is most helpful.

There are some Google Analytics Advance Segments like new visitors, paid search visitors, etc., which are included in the default segment section and are available to all users. But the beauty of advanced segments is that you can create your own custom advanced segments to suit your specific needs.

4 Valuable Google Analytics Advance Segments

Here are four Valuable Google Analytics Advance Segments that would help you understand your audience better:

Brand Keywords

If you are an upcoming brand, it’s important to know how popular your brand and how effective are your branding efforts. This segment will give you an insight as to how many visitors already know your brand name and search for your website and how they behave differently from the visitors who land on your page through generic search. In most cases, this set of audience is trying to reach your brand and is probably buying from you as well.

Visits with conversions (A default segment)

If you are an e-commerce website or even a blog that sells things, the visitors which actually convert a click into a purchase are truly valuable to your business. You can analyze which pages they visit most, what is the landing page, which page they spend the most time on etc. This information will help you convert more visits into actual transactions.

People from different countries react differently to your website content or the products you try to sell. There could be a set of audiences from 1 particular country that follow your website thoroughly or your content appeals to them the most. This can give you insights on what works and what doesn’t work across countries if you trying to establish an international website.

Social Media Traffic

Social media marketing is a big chunk of your marketing mix. Brand pages have thousands of followers across different social media websites like Facebook, Linked In, Digg, Twitter, etc. But how many of these followers find your content interesting and follow it to your website? With this advanced segment, you can improve upon your social media content management to see a change in website traffic.

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