The Two Building Blocks of SEO

The Two Building Blocks of SEO. Search engine optimization is perhaps the most important aspect of being a webmaster, as it will directly determine how much web traffic you are able to generate on a residual basis. 

Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not the easiest subject to learn, primarily because it is a very competitive niche in which secrets are tightly held. Most of the good information about search engine optimization is usually scattered across the web on various forums.

The Two Building Blocks of SEO
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Obtaining the right information to become a search engine optimization specialist either requires a serious investment of time or the budget to purchase SEO classes, which are often less revealing than free information found in forums. Fortunately, if you don’t have a lot of time or money, the following information pertaining to the two building blocks of SEO should help you get started on gaining search engine traffic within the next couple of days.

The Two Building Blocks of SEO

Building Block #1 – Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is by far the most important building block of SEO, as keywords are the keys to which site visitors will find your website. If your site is not properly optimized with content that is rich in low competition, high traffic keywords, then you simply cannot generate residual search engine traffic. Search engines index all of the content on your site, combing the text for keywords that may provide insight into the general theme of the page.

When someone searches for a keyword, the search engine will refer them to pages that contain that keyword dominantly throughout the content at a percentage of about 1% – 4%. It is also important to make sure your keywords are contained within the meta description of the pages, and even within page titles. Professional recommend placing the keyword within the first and last 25 words of a page as well.

Building Block #2 – Backlinks

Backlinks are almost as important as keyword optimization because they directly affect the PR of your site and the position of your pages in the SERP. Sites with a lot of links on the internet that point to them are generally viewed as being authoritative, and are therefore given generous rankings in the search engine result pages (SERP). Any link on the internet that points to one of your web pages contributes what is referred to as “link juice” – a small portion of the authority of the page that the link is hosted on will be passed on to your site.

In other words, it is best to build backlinks on pages that have a high PR, as these backlinks will have a greater effect on the PR of your site. Most SEO professionals recommend using the technique of deep link building, in which you build links to all of the pages on your site. Deep linking will give your site the authority to reach the number one spot in the search engines for a variety of keywords. In fact, with enough backlinks and a high enough PR, you’ll have an instant advantage over competitors for keywords.

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