Ranking Confusion

Ranking Confusion. SEO marketing in the US, worldwide and even Idaho is never a static thing. 

The diverse SEO services often offer different methods to clients and the methodologies are prone to change. One of the reasons for this is that each agency is in competition with others and is thus looking for new angles. Another reason is that the ‘search world’ is in a situation of perpetual flux. This means that various issues in the field are often matters of dispute. When things are disputed online, it is often the case that inaccurate information lives on in various forms. This can easily lead to confusion.

Ranking Confusion
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Ranking Confusion

One thing about which there is sometimes a lack of clarity is rankings. Many SEO outfits base their marketing strategies around getting high places in the search engine results pages. There is often an emphasis placed on doing well on Google. This makes sense because Google is KING above the other major search engines in terms of market share. However, the other search engines can be of importance and should not be overlooked. There are more fundamental issues at stake if site owners think that higher rankings will strike gold for their online underperformance.

Rankings should be perceived primarily as a means to an end. If rankings are viewed as an end in themselves, it is probable that the outcomes of a campaign will disappoint. Scoring highly for search terms that are infrequently entered into the search engines is not likely to have a very positive influence on the position of a site. In addition to this difficulty, if the user does not click through from the search engine results pages to the site, resources will have been wasted.

Too much focus on rankings can be a powerful distraction. This is because the rankings do not help users look around the site. They do not by themselves ensure that plenty of the right traffic comes to the site. The rankings may prey on the mind of the site owner, when they should be more concerned with traffic levels and conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimization is sometimes considered to be a separate discipline from search engine optimization, but this is clearly a false division. The process of search engine optimization has to be an inclusive one so that clients get value for money and do not have to deal with a variety of people. SEO must focus on maximising conversions because sales are obviously good for a site.

The site owner usually invests in the services of search engine optimization specialists because they want to sell more goods and/or services. Getting higher rankings can get them more precious visibility. However, search engine optimisation which stops at the point of getting the site more visibility is a job that is incomplete. Social media marketing can get more traffic to a site, but it is only effective SEO that can make the site fit for purpose.

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