Basic SEO Techniques That Increase Traffic

Basic SEO Techniques That Increase Traffic. SEO! Imagine if you knew exactly how a search engine worked. What if you knew how to determine the web pages appearing on the first page of a search result? Chances are it would make your head spin.

Basic SEO Techniques That Increase Traffic
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Though I won’t take you into all the details, there are a few SEO techniques you should know when it comes to increasing the amount of traffic landing on and returning to, your web pages. Some of the most basic SEO techniques to keep in mind are:

Basic SEO Techniques That Increase Traffic

~~ Keywords and Meta tags: SEO technique #1~~

Keep your article focused on your keywords; use them naturally and often. You can use other words and phrases and even use examples to illustrate a point; however, if you are trying to educate your reader about the best way to housebreak a dog, don’t place the major focus of your article on training cats. It will turn readers away and will not help increase traffic to your page.

As for Meta tags, this is the description of your web page as it appears in search results. Be sure your Meta tag lists the essential words and phrases your article focuses on, whether in paragraph or keyword form, depending upon what’s selected.

~~ Related titles, subtitles and URLs: SEO technique #2~~

The title and subtitles of your article should be in line with its subject so that search engines will recognize a word pattern.
Your title and URL should also be memorable so readers can return to your web page without struggling with their memories; otherwise, they may never find your article again. Face it – bookmarks only go so far; after you’ve created several, they become a blur so using good SEO techniques always works best.

~~ Regular updates: SEO technique #3~~

If your web page goes for long stretches of time with no fresh content, it will suffer in page rank; it will find itself quickly spiralling toward the bottom of the list in search engine results. When this happens, it becomes nearly impossible for the average searcher to find your web page, unless someone is diligent, knows you have a listing and has time to look through every page of a search result. This is generally not the case, however. In most cases, a web page belonging to someone else – who keeps it updated – gets an increase in traffic.

~~ Great content: SEO technique #4~~

What a waste of time to click on a link and be led to a web page of poor quality. When people search for topics online, they want to find good quality articles related to their subject of interest. Keep in mind that quality always does rise to the top.

If a search engine was to take pity on you and promote a poorly designed web page on the first page of its search results, it would get a bad reputation and the competition would get the edge. No search engine wants to deliberately encounter that situation.

~~ Creating links: SEO technique #5~~

Creating a web page is not enough; you want to include it in a network so that people can find it more easily. Creating backlinks to your web page from your blog or website, and vice versa is essential. The more backlinks your web page has, the more important your page becomes to search engines. In fact, backlinks to your web page serve a similar purpose as a reference when applying for a job; the backlinks vouch for your web page – providing the links actually work; otherwise, they will go against you.

Furthermore, if you have ten articles along the same subject line, link them together so that people who find one will have the opportunity to find all of them; it doesn’t matter whether or not the articles are on the same site.

In addition, promote your web page, especially in areas where there is competition between the masses. Place a link in your e-mail signature to your web page, promote your web pages on your website, distribute business cards so others will learn about you and so on. In summary, spread the word.

SEO tools can be fun to use; you can play around and see what works best for you. The main thing to remember is that you always want to sound like a natural human being while bringing increased traffic to your web page.

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