5 SEO Tips to Increase MY Web Traffic

5 SEO Tips to Increase MY Web Traffic. In order for Google to more easily find you, you need to optimize your web pages. Imagine building a huge billboard, all lit up, in the Sahara desert? 

It’s nice, but no one will see it!

It is essential to know a few techniques regarding SEO (search engine optimization) if you want your website to rank higher and more often in Google. When you optimize your web pages so Google can more easily find you, you are driving more eyeballs to your pages, more web traffic means more exposure, more exposure means for customers, more customers means for revenue.

5 SEO Tips to Increase MY Web Traffic
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The most important word to remember through each of these tips is “keywords.” Think of keywords as search engine magnets. For seoforidaho.com, we would go after keywords like Boise SEO company and Idaho Seo Company or Companies. You would also want to use these keywords multiple times in your Blog page, Home page, really every page on your website. The more relevant keywords you have in the right places on your pages, the more energy you are giving Google to find your website and have it appear in search results.

5 SEO Tips to Increase MY Web Traffic

Tip 1: Page Titles

Page titles appear as the headline in Google search results. You should have page titles that are both relevant to what’s on that specific page, as well as keyword-rich. Google allows you to use up to 70 characters in your page title, so maximize that real estate wisely. A perfect headline example for an Internet Marketing Company (SEO) (SEM) in Boise, Id., may be: “Boise, Id | Boise SEO, SEM | seoforidaho.com Internet Marketing Co.” That took up 65 characters and contained several keywords that may be used when someone is looking for search engine optimization (SEO) in Boise, Idaho or ID. See how easy this is?

Bonus Tip: You can find a free SEO character counter at http://www.websiteblueprint.com/free-seo-character-counter.

Tip 2: Page Descriptions

When you’re looking at any search result in Google, the nonbold text under the page title is a “page description.” Google allows you to use 155 characters for your page description. Use the same rules as the page titles tip, but also think of these 155 characters as a mini-ad for the content that’s on the specific page you’re optimizing. To follow up on the Boise, Id, SEO company example above, your page description may be: “An Idaho based company; we have a passion for helping businesses succeed through Online Marketing, SEO, SEM, Web Development and Design. We are a local company located in Eagle, Id and Boise.” That’s 155 characters that contain a perfect description of your home page, which is also keyword-rich.

Tip 3: Maximizing Page Content

The power of keywords also extends to the content on your web pages. Although your page copy doesn’t appear in the Google search results, Google will index this content to make sure it matches up with your page title and page description. You’re going to want a minimum of 300 words on each of your pages for Google to index (500 is even better). Be sure your keywords are mentioned close to 3 to 5 per cent of the page content. This means in our example, that the words, “Boise, ID SEO company” should be mentioned in some form at least 15 times on a 500-word page. But remember, you don’t want to make your keywords feel “stuffed” into your page. Spread them out so they feel natural and not forced. Using your keyword “Boise, Id SEO company” twice in a sentence is not visually pleasing to your readers. Use other words like “Idaho SEO company”, and “Idaho search engine optimization company”. One more bonus tip within the Content section – remember to add alt text to all your images on your site. Don’t just put what the picture is using the same keywords first then a description. So if it is a picture of your staff the alt text should be “seoforidaho.com SEO Boise | staff picture”

Tip 4: More Web Pages = More Juice

Think about your web pages on your site. Has it been the same 4-7 pages for the last couple of years? Web pages are like Google currency- the more you have the wealthier your site is. Having a blog on your website is the best way to do this. A blog is a simple way to produce daily, weekly, biweekly or even monthly articles, posts or company information that can be cached by Google spiders. Not only do more pages give Google more information to find you (and display you in more search results), your site’s content continues to grow and stay fresh, which is another thing that Google loves. Remember to put your company name and address in some of your blog pages. This will give you citations to your Google Maps page. At seoforidaho.com our parent company is A-Shift Technology 764 E. Cloverhill Court Eagle, Id 83616.

Tip 5: The Power of Links

Each tip that follows is something you can do to your actual web pages that can improve your Google visibility, but this one doesn’t. My first tip is for you to get as many links as you can to your website from other websites. These are called, “inbound links,” or “backlinks” and Google loves them. When other websites have a link to your website, Google is more likely to see your website as authoritative and more important (think of it as a vote for your website). This means everything else you do on your web pages when it comes to SEO will be more valuable. However, not all inbound links are created equal. The bigger the website you can get to link to you, the more impressed Google will be. Start with your Chamber of Commerce website, and keep it going from there. High-quality links are on .edu, .gov, and .org sites (These are money)

Bonus Tip: Remember, “keywords” still matter in links. A link to your site (or even within your site) that is hyperlinked as a keyword is much (MUCH) more valuable than just a hyperlink that says “click here” or “www.43-web.site.”

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